Responsive Flower 2010

The piece lights up in the rain, people can also interact with the sculpture as it illuminates on contact with water, skin or static electricity.

I am developing the a piece of public art, a 'rain shelter' a piece of temporary architecture. People will be able sit inside the piece and watch the patterns of the rain drops as they light up the surface in the pattern of the raindrops, romanticising the rain.

This scaled down version uses simple electronics rather than programming. I have taken a basic circuit from a ‘light-up’ bath toy, repeated it and wired it in parallel. Each circuit is connected to conductive thread on the surface of the sculpture. When the thread are touched or come into contact with water they act as a switch to light the LED’s. Rather than using manufactured sensors that have a single input or purpose, I have used conductive thread to create homemade sensors. The dual purpose of these sensors means that the sculpture can now be responsive to both rain and people’s interaction with it.

The sculpture has creature-like qualities in its appearance as well as its behaviour. The wiring of the circuits in the piece gives the appearance of veins, visible through the fabric. Due to these qualities I chose the colour of the light accordingly; similar to those which occur naturally in bio-luminescence; predominately green and blue.

The videos below show the piece responding to touch, water and rain, double click on the video's re-play them: